A local church here has an Egyptian associate pastor with a ministry to local Arabs.  In his message this week, he provided a wonderful insight into the word we see as “bless” in the Bible.

“I am not sure if David had a camel, but Psalm 103:1-2 suggests so.  When David tried to express his praises and joy to God he said, ‘bless the Lord all my soul…’  What does the word ‘bless’ mean?  Can man bless God?

The word ‘bless’ is a Hebrew and Arabic word (idiom) that is used until now with the camel.  I am not sure if you had the opportunity to ride a camel before.  It is kind of scary!  You feel like you are hanging in the air shaking.  You can’t jump because the camel is very high.  All it takes for this very tall and high camel to sit down on his four legs is one word from its owner.  This Hebrew and also Arabic word for ‘sit down’ is ‘berek’ which is translated to the English word ‘bless’.  Any time the camel hears the word ‘berek’ from the owner, it sits down right away and lets the owner take control.  What is interesting is that you can sense how happy the camel is when he gives in and allows the owner to take charge.

David said ‘berek’ the Lord all my soul.  Sit still my soul and let God be in charge.  Rejoice in the Lord, praise the Lord, glorify the Lord by letting the Lord be the Lord.”

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