My intention with this blog is to probe a bit deeper into biblical or cultural issues that are either pestering me for resolution or, in other cases, simply issues on which others may find my discussion useful.  I have no real expectations for any of this to make any real difference in anyone’s life.  That is the realm of God acting.  If He chooses to do so, hallelujah!  If not, that’s OK too.

(NOTE: Full disclosure: I am not a Hebrew or Greek language scholar.  When studying the Bible and writing about it, I consult dictionaries and language experts to draw conclusions about the text’s original meaning in its context. So when you read me drawing a conclusion based on the interpretation of the original language, you may want to do your own research to satisfy yourself that my conclusion is the one you would come to — or not.  I do, however, find myself fast becoming what Tim Mackie calls a “Bible Nerd”.)

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  1. michalskisgreatadventure Avatar

    Hello! I came across your blog when I was reading a post on a site called Brain Warfare, entitled “2000 years of Antisemitism:why is that?”, and I greatly appreciated your responses, which I found to be very clear and full of the Lord’s truth. Just wanted to say thank you for being faithful in sowing, and I look forward to browsing your site! Our family of 5 is, like you I think, seeking to simply live for Jesus every day, every moment of every day, devoting all our works to Him and trusting Him to do with them what they will! Best wishes on your journey!

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  2. Delighted, not that it matters, but! Delighted with your input in the Brain site. Our Father Creator’s Spirit is moving big time! I for one? It’s Him! His unbroken fellowship I have finally came to terms with as in Isaiah 30.. He is in control of it all. He is joining the body to the head. Us to Yahushua our Messiah. Amazing.

    Like yourself I no longer have any expectations about anything. Power to let be and be still unless He moves me in any direction for His purposes not for mine. Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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