The Inversion of Virtue

The West, I argue, has turned a corner from which it will be impossible, short of a miracle, to un-turn.  We’ve become addicts of narcissism, ignorant judgements, and feigned righteousness.  We’re continuously fed their messages of “just a little more” so that our impending overdose is all but assured.  But, perhaps most depressing is the fact that we don’t even realize it. 

Life Elevated

Much of today’s popular psychological messaging is designed to make us happy and content with ourselves by puffing up our self-esteem.  Much of this messaging is commercial, designed to create in us a frame of mind favorable toward purchasing whatever is being sold.  This psychology doesn’t have your best interests at heart; it doesn’t want what’s best and most edifying for you.  It just wants your money, your time and attention, and your “clicks”.

Rejecting God

My premise here is that the radical Left, whatever victim, group, or cause they profess, is focused on eradicating God.  For most, their political North Star is Cultural Marxism (a subject about which I have written elsewhere).  The general idea is that anything the West has created or held in esteem is noxious to humankind, as it represents oppression by the privileged class (Caucasian male, heterosexual, cisgender, able-bodied, native-born American, religiously faithful, family man) over their assumed victim classes (or more appropriately, identity groups -- i.e. everybody else).